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Biżuteria warsztaty Warszawa

About Us

Jubilerka tworzy biżuterię autorska


We love what is natural and believe that jewelry adds a bit of magic to it.

We never take any shortcuts when it comes to creating. Jewelry is an art, and real pieces are forever. That’s why our products are made only of precious materials and we personalize them according to your wishes.


The quality of jewels created in our workshop is the result of conscious choices.

We work with the best producers in Poland and the world, we know the miraculous power of nature, and we choose precious stones and metals guided by the FAIRTRADE principle.


We draw from nature and pay back the best!


Lunar jewelry packaging is FSC® certified. This means that the wood harvested for its production does not affect the biological wealth and structure of forests.


All together makes our jewelry special and magical – in harmony with the body and spirit.


Founder of BEMOON. Jewelry designer, jeweler, gemstone appraiser.

„ Nature has generously given to us, so I do not pretend to make cubic zirconia a diamond, nor do I make gold from silver.

In my projects and my studio, I put the greatest emphasis on quality. Therefore I only choose precious stones and metals. Years of practice have taught me how to bring out the true splendor and beauty of jewelry.”