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Gold earrings

Create a dreamed-up set of gold earrings. Better together, therefore mix them as you like. After all, you know what suits you.

At BEMOON, we focus on natural beauty. That is why our earrings are made only of noble materials. We believe that it is the combination of the classic form with the highest quality ores that is a reliable recipe for unfading beauty

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Gold earrings with precious stones

We believe that jewelry is more than just an ornament. It is an object that symbolizes the most beautiful moments of life. That is why at BEMOON we only use materials of natural origin. Jewelry made of precious metals lasts forever.

Magic resides in nature, and nature wants to give us its beneficial energy. Each ore of natural origin has an individual cumulative power that has a positive effect on the body and spirit. When choosing your dream gold earrings with precious stones, pay attention to their beneficial effects.

Gold earrings with onyx

Onyx is called the stone of inner strength. The power accumulated in it supports resistance and endurance to adversity. It is said that gold earrings with onyx is much easier to cope with in a stressful situation. No wonder, since such jewelry, apart from its charm, also gives courage and determination in pursuing the chosen goal.

Gold earrings with diamonds

Its beauty is mesmerizing at first sight. The natural brilliance of gold earrings with diamonds is said to help you see beauty and increase your self-esteem. The diamond, apart from its charm, increases self-confidence and positively influences self-awareness. And the power cumulated in these stones helps to fight stress and clears the mind of negative thoughts.

Gold earrings with smoky quartz

The natural power accumulated in smoky quartz strengthens intuition, helps in a career and protects against financial failures. In addition, it is said that the unwavering glow of gold smoky quartz earrings protects against negative emotions and brings blissful peace into your life.

Gold earrings with topaz

By deciding to buy gold earrings with topaz, apart from the undying glow, you will introduce a lot of natural power into your everyday life. This blue stone enlivens the mind, makes it easier to focus and helps concentrate. It is with him that complicated problems are much easier to solve. And the power accumulated in this stone is conducive to expressing one's own emotions, which is why this stone has become an amulet of assertiveness.

Gold hoop earrings

Timeless and classic beauty is what we like best. Because gold hoop earrings are a real #musthave in every gift box. Complete your favorite sets. Wear it in tandem with others or solo. After all, you know best what suits your face.