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Our diamonds

The sparkling nature of our diamonds is due to their extremely high quality. Every stone we use comes from a legal source. And Fairtrade rules are no stranger to us.

Diamond classification

We classify diamonds using the so-called PRINCIPLES 4C. It is these principles that are followed by diamond experts when determining the price of a stone. These values are precisely described in our certificates confirming the authenticity of the stones we use.


We express the mass of diamonds in carats. And we will define one carat as 0.2 grams. The weight of the diamond has a significant impact on the final price of the product.


The colors of diamonds are classified into typical and fanciful. The fancy colors include blue, pink or orange. The vast majority of fancy diamonds are colored by humans and it is estimated that for about 10,000 typical diamonds there is one natural fancy color. Among the so-called diamonds typical (colorless), their shades are defined by letters. The shades of diamonds were rated from D to Z. The diamond with the D color is completely colorless, the rarest and the most valued, and the Z shade is a relatively transparent stone with a distinct yellow color. At BEMOON, we use G (rare white) or H (white) diamonds to create our jewelry. These are colors that are rare in nature and are very valuable on the jewelry market.


Another important aspect when evaluating diamonds is their purity. Natural inclusions and inclusions in diamonds are taken into account. There are 9 purity classes, expressed using abbreviations derived from the first letters of the English expressions, defining the size of the inclusions. Focusing on high quality of products in BEMOON, we use SI-grade diamonds, i.e. Small Inclusions. These are stones with small inclusions that are invisible to the naked eye.


The final assessment is made of the finishing touches. It is thanks to the flawless cut that we can admire the wonderful brilliance. Our diamonds are mainly polished to a round brilliant shape. A full brilliant cut has no less than 58 facets. And it is thanks to him that we owe the unique flicker of this stone.

The power of the diamond

The unique power accumulated in these stones gives you self-confidence and opens you to drawing from life. Their action helps in the fight against stress, cleanses and helps in achieving goals. In addition, jewelry with diamonds positively affects self-awareness and self-esteem. It is said that this stone has the strongest energy and it is with it that it is easiest to fulfill your innermost dreams.

Diamond symbolism

The diamond has been a symbol of power and wisdom for centuries. It is said to have magical properties and protect against dangers. Thanks to its structure and properties, it is identified with true and relentless love. After all, it is not without reason that it is said that diamonds last forever.